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Peacekeepers: A Humboldt Love Story


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Jeff Conner

He’s a small town police officer, committed to law and order.
She’s an activist, outlaw, and free spirit.
They live in close proximity, but their lives are worlds apart.
But together they undertake a journey of the heart, one that will take them to places unanticipated.


Growland Cover

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Lelia Moskowitz

In 2002, Celeste flees the city and the latest disaster in her marriage. Looking for refuge in the remote hills of Northern California, she unwittingly immerses herself and her innocent daughters in a community of illicit marijuana growers. With nowhere else to go, Celeste scrambles to find safety and stability for her and her daughters in an isolated realm of secrets and silence.

Far Less

Far less

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Kathy Wollenberg

From atop a towering redwood tree, seventeen-year-old Jesse can see beyond the difficult reality of his life on the ground. Homeless, Jesse camps in the forest with his drug-addicted mom and little sister. Diligent about showering, laundry, and school work, Jesse is determined to keep his circumstances a secret. But one girl cares enough to find out the truth.

What Kind of Future Will Our Children Inherit?

What Kind of Future Cover

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Sam Oliner, Ronnie Swartz

Over the years, my students, research associates, and I have reviewed the literature of psychology, ethics, ecology, climatology, and other areas of study to consider the direction in which our world is going and what kind of future our children will inherit. Our previous work focused on the nature of good and evil—with concern especially for goodness—through which we have considered good in the world and the application of good to achieve a better world. Our books concerned altruism, kindness, empathy, and moral responsibility for diverse others.

CouRaGeouS Cuentos 2022

Courageous Cuentos

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Cal Poly Humboldt CRGS

This journal is a publication by the Department of Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies (CRGS) at Cal Poly Humboldt with submissions of creative writing works by students in the Ethnic Studies 107: Chican@ / Latin@ Lives and Ethnic Studies 480: Growing Up Chicana/Latino classes.

American Prometheus

American Prometheus

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Tom Gage

American Prometheus: Carnegie’s Captain, Bill Jones presents a compelling historical memoir of the illustrious life of rebellious steel genius and inventor, Captain Bill Jones. A deft blend of historical narrative and family memoir, this absorbing account of Jones’ dynamic life as a founding key figure in post-Civil War America’s Second Industrial Revolution and as a philanthropist in his own right, is told by none other than his great-grandson.