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To Japan and Back

To Japan and Back: The Art of Orr Marshall

Orr Marshall
How many ways are there to interpret an idea, to present a vision? The artist Orr Marshall's exploration of these questions is the subject of this book in text and images. Like most children, he began drawing pictures as soon as he could hold a pencil or a crayon, depicting the weird creatures of his imagination. He maintained a concentration on art through school, majoring in painting at Yale School of Art and Architecture where Josef Albers was his most inspiring teacher. Another interest of his was language study, especially Japanese and Chinese with their writing systems and calligraphy. He taught art in the San Francisco area, where he continued learning those languages. Then with a scholarship from the Japanese government he went to the National University of the Arts in Tokyo to study for a year and a half.
 Maasai Dictionary

Maasai Dictionary

Charles Richmond

This dictionary of English-to-Maa (the language of Maasai peoples of Kenya and Tanzania) was written and compiled by Charles Richmond. It is one of the earliest Maasai dictionaries. The dictionary was developed from 1935 until 1951 while Charles lived in the back country of Kenya colony, East Africa as a subject of the King of England. His stay there began as a Captain in the King’s African Rifles, in which position he fought alongside tribal chiefs in northern Kenya and Ethiopia against the Italian dictator, Mussolini during WWII. Subsequent to his military service, he returned to England to study theology and to be ordained as a minister in the Church of England. He then returned to the Maasai and Samburu tribes of central and northern Kenya colony near Lake Rudolph, as a missionary.



Library Publishing Toolkit

Library Publishing Toolkit - Introduction Chapter

Cyril Oberlander

The Library Publishing Toolkit looks at the broad and varied landscape of library publishing through discussions, case studies, and shared resources. From supporting writers and authors in the public library setting to hosting open access journals and books, this collection examines opportunities for libraries to leverage their position and resources to create and provide access to content.




 Vietnamese Perspectives on the War in Vietnam

Vietnamese Perspectives on the War in Vietnam

John C. Schafer

An annotated bibliography of works in English





 A View From the Hill

A View from the Hill: A History of Humboldt State University

William R. Tanner

A View from the Hill: A History of Humboldt State University is an attempt to record a social memory for former students, faculty, staff, and, administrators. This volume is not meant to be a comprehensive institutional history. Thus, the reader will discover an emphasis on the people of Humboldt State.




 Pinetum Britannicum

The Pinetum Britannicum

Edward Ravenscroft

The Pinetum Britannicum: A Descriptive Account of Hardy Coniferous Trees Cultivated in Great Britain was authored by Edward James Ravenscroft (1816-1890) during the time period of 1863 through 1884. This first edition Pinetum Brittanicum is regarded as an important British study of pines. Edward James Ravenscroft’s exquisitely detailed illustrations exemplify the widely embraced enthusiasm for the art and science of capturing and classifying conifers during the 19th-century. Ravenscroft was a master in the field of natural history illustration, which is often called “art in the service of science.”





 History of Humbolst County

History of Humboldt County, California : with Illustrations Descriptive of its Scenery, Farms, Residences, Public Buildings, Factories, Hotels, Business Houses, Schools, Churches, etc., from Original Drawings, including Biographical Sketches

W. W. Elliott & Co.

"We have the pleasure of presenting to our patrons one of the largest and most elegant County Histories yet issued on this Coast. Not only ample in the number and beauty of its illustrations, and quality of paper and binding, but also in the extent and accuracy of its historical matter. We hope our efforts to represent the important features of this county may lead its inhabitants to understand and appreciate more fully its varied resources. We hope we have furnished information to the traveler, the tourist, or the emigrant who is seeking a location."