Working at the Press

Press student assistants

"Working at The Press helped instill the confidence I now have to continue working towards a career in publishing. I am proud to have been a part of the team at The Press, and work towards its mission as well as working within the campus community."

-Thalia Barry, Spring 2022


"Working as a Student Assistant at the Press @ Cal Poly Humboldt has been an enriching learning experience for me. As a Journalism student I had experience copyediting student publications, which is what led me to apply for the position at the Press. Working for the Press has given me remarkable opportunities for on-the-job learning, including working with industry standard software with which I had little prior experience. I also work directly with authors as an editor, which has taken my editing and communication skills to the professional level."

-Colwyn Delany, Spring 2022

Noelle Doblado

Noelle is a new member to the Press Team. She is working alongside the CSU Global team to post content and build their zine website. Noelle will be responsible for managing layout of the 2024 Cal Poly Humboldt journal, Courageous Cuentos, to publish their final semester piece. Welcome Noelle!

Colwyn Delany

Colwyn is a skilled editor, working personally with our non- fiction authors to create the best versions of their books.

Colwyn edits works that sometimes have content in different languages. Her lates project makes use of Vietnamese in the sources and footnotes.



Tanya Gonzalez

Tanya is currently a senior and aspiring editor. Much of the work she does includes proofreading, copy editing, and journal layout. She is also a very skilled writer and has developed a keen eye for editing through working at the press. Her main focus at the moment is anything that has to do with the behind the scenes of publishing to make sure the work that is published is the best version of itself!