You work at the Press? That is amazing! Here are some resources for you to use.

What Fonts Can I Use In My Layout?

fonts poster

It is ocasionally OK to use a different font, but please ask and make your case. Odd fonts make headaches for other people adding to or reviewing your work.

Cant Get Into Adobe?

Visit Humboldt.onthehub  > sign in with user name >Click on student > Click on Adobe >Add to Cart > Check out > Takes 2 hours to go through

Book and Cover Templates

5.5x8.5 Body
5.5x8.5 Cover
6x9 Body
6x9 Cover
8.5x8.5 Body
8.5x8.5 Cover
8.5x11 Body
8.5x8.5 Cover



InDesign Help


Our Layout Training Folder

Getting Started Softskills Course

Adding Pictures and art
Technical Workspace Help


Theses Formatting Resources


Google Drive File

Check Off Form

Courtesy Review Spreadsheet


Graphics and Icons

Press Informal Logo Long



Press Informal Logo Short



CAL POLY Humboldt Long w web green

CAL POLY Humboldt long white

The Library Book

White Circle H

 Cal Poly Informal Seal, Grey 100x100


Cal Poly Informal Seal, Dark Grey 100x100



Informal Seal, Green

Informal Seal, Sepia

Creative Commons



Scholarly Communications Employee Expectations

Chicago Manual of Style Quick Reference

Books that will help your work here

Digital Scholarly Editing

Whose Book Is It Anyways; A collection of essays on books and copyright