Acupuncture for Curious People: A Needle Healer's Manual

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By Kaz Wegmϋller


Welcome to the art of needle healing! In this handy manual designed for the lay reader and seasoned healer alike, acupuncturist Kaz Wegmϋller presents his art in a format that is clear, concise, instructive, philosophical, and practical. In a field dominated equally by clinical jargon and metaphysical Orientalism, Kaz’s approach is refreshingly down-to-earth. He starts by expanding acupuncture’s usual definition to encompass “a unique way of engaging with the mystery of existence,” and goes on to guide the reader in an exploration of this ancient art that centers on touch, curiosity, sensitivity, and humanity.



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The Press at Cal Poly Humboldt



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Wegmϋller, Kaz. Acupuncture for Curious People: A Needle Healer's Manual. Humboldt State University Press, 2022.

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