Pass the FAA Drone Pilot Test - Remote Pilot Exam Preparation 2020

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By Nicolas R. Malloy


Part 107 is the subdivision of Subchapter F of Chapter 1 of Title 14 that pertains to small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS). To legally fly a small unmanned aircraft for non-hobby, non-recreational use, remote pilots must abide by these regulations. This book is intended to explain the Part 107 regulations in a short and easy to read format. Additionally, this book also covers other areas of knowledge required by the FAA, including airspace and requirements, weather, loading and performance, and operations. Readers also have access to a series of sample test questions. Because the FAA does not provide specific test-questions to the public, the sample questions here are based on the information available through documentation and research. Peer review pending.


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Malloy, Nicolas R., "Pass the FAA Drone Pilot Test—Remote Pilot Exam Preparation 2020" (2020). Textbooks and Manuals Series. 5.

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